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Professional networking Entrepreneurs with strong minds, driven individuals with a desire open doors and provide opportunity for all regardless of color, gender or social economic background. We provide solution to everyday circumstances and challenges. Former IBM, US Army and Retired USPS Conservative 100% American. Non alcoholic wine connoisseur. One of the first to integrate in the South during the 60th. Opposed apartheid In South Africa in 1969 by boycotting BP Oils. It is not enough to give a hand out but we must offer a hand up for those who are willing.



Professional Networking Entrepreneurs

Juice Importer's is the import arm of Gelderbloem & Associates. All our brands are 100% alcohol free with no added dyes or flavors. Our products are made from 100% all natural grapes and grape juice blends with no added sugar. We also have Halal Certified and Kosher Certified brands. We import from Paarl, Robertson's, Worcester, Stellenbosch, Upington and the Western Cape of South Africa.

If you drink alcohol you will not like our product. However, if you do not and want more than soft drinks, coffee or tea with your meal. You will love our brand because each brand is hand picked to insure the highest quality in taste, packaging and innovation.

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We provide practical solution to everyday problems, circumstances and challenges.

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